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Hotel Site Allows Renting Rooms by the Hour for Sex

It’s a well-known fact that many people frequent hotel rooms in the middle of the day solely for sex, but it wasn’t until recently that hotels began taking advantage of it.

A few US establishments have partnered up with after it launched last fall to offer customers the option to rent a room for hours at a time. On average, customers pay $100 for a three hour stay.

Though it’s a recent trend, it already has hundreds of fans.

One anonymous father, 43, uses the service with his girlfriend who also has children so they can get some much needed alone time.

He told Jennifer Wright of the New York Post that he thinks it’s a “phenomenal idea.”

He usually pays $150 for daytime stays at Flatiron Hotel in New York’s Flatiron district.

“We both have shared custody of our girls so we have no access to peace and quiet,” he said. “I found [DayUse] on Google...the first time, I booked on the spur of the moment, and it turned into a lot of fun. You leave early from work, you take a room, it’s like being teenagers again.”

Many people looking to have extramarital affairs are also flocking to the hotels.

One married woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she uses it to cheat on her husband.

“It’s stylish, cute and clean...there’s no paper trail, and it’s affordable,” she said as she entered boutique hotel MAve on Madison Avenue.

She works as an advertising executive and is a member of Ashley Madison, an agency that gives people the opportunity to have affairs. Since joining, she has had two short affairs.

She said she’s drawn to DayUse because it’s discreet. They take reservations via email and you can pay for everything in cash.

“You give them [the front desk] a pin number, which is sent via text message,” she said. “There’s no fuss, no raised eyebrows, and you just hand over the money.”

One couples therapist even thinks it’s a great idea. Ronald Katz, a New York-based therapist, said renting a hotel room could spice up a marriage.

The site was created by David Lebee and Thibaud d’Agreves who worked at Hotel L’Amour in Paris and realized there was not a program allowing people to use hotel rooms by the hour. The Paris hotel is popular among musicians who often ask to rent a room for a few hours before playing a show.

The two men launched DayUse in France in 2010, and have since expanded the site to Belgium, Switzerland, UK and Italy.

In a press release, they described the service as “Not only a cheaper alternative to book a room for the night for the perpetual traveler, DayUse is also being adopted by lovers wishing to add a fresh spark to their relationships.”

But some hotels they work with said their partnership has created bad publicity. MAve, for instance, is not intending to renew its contract as they received negative attention from partnering with them.

There are other similar sites offering short hotel stays, including and



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