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High School Student Suspended for "Favoriting" Offensive Twitter Page

A South Carolina high school student has been suspended for five days for “favoriting” several tweets on a Twitter page called HSConfessionsSC.

Demi Grant, a senior at Hartsville High School, said she clicked the “favorite” button on the tweets, not because they were true, but, as she explained, “because I thought they were funny.”

Allegedly, one of the tweets in question makes a reference to a Hartsville student, who was killed in a 2012 car crash; it was her liking this particular tweet that apparently enraged school officials.

Ironically, Grant has previous expressed frustration over someone creating a false social media account in the name of the girl who died in the 2012 crash.

According to Audrey Childers, a spokeswoman for the Darlington County school district, the tweets on the HSConfessionsSC page were “distasteful and untrue.”

The school has punished some 30 students for visiting the HSConfessionsSC Twitter account, referring to their support of the page as “cyber-bullying.” Grant, however, is the only one who has been suspended.

Grant said that when Principal Charlie Burry, Jr. called the students in to his office, he “looked at all of us and he said that we made him sick.”

Grant’s mother, Stephanie Grant, has expressed thorough disappointment with the high school administration.

“Five days suspension for favoriting a tweet? Wasn’t her words. It was no name in the tweet. She was bullying according to the school district, but I don’t know who she bullied,” the enraged mother stated.

It is unclear if Grant favorited the offensive tweets during school or on school property.

“There’s nothing really your children can do at school or outside of school that the district can’t punish them for,” the suspended girl’s mother added.

Demi and Stephanie tried to appeal the suspension, but apparently were met with no success; they have expressed concern that missing four days of school will “eventually catch up to Demi academically.”

Childers has suggested that the school district’s detectives “are actively investigating the situation and have asked for law enforcement’s help.”

Although both mother and daughter might have protested that the punishment seemed overly harsh and that it singled Demi out from a large group of students, both have admitted that they have come away from it with a lesson.

“If I see something like that, just leave alone because in the long run it could come back and get involved with the school and then this will happen again. It’s just not worth it,” Demi said.

Sources:  Daily Caller, WBTW

Photo Source: Buzz Chomp


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