Hackers Find Way to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen Day After Apple Update


Apple recently released an update to fix a bug on the iPhone, made apparent by a phone enthusiast, but now it might have to update again after another bug was discovered.

This vulnerability is different from the passcode bug which was fixed through the latest iOS update, but it also gives unauthorized access to the iPhone’s contacts and photos when it is in lock mode.

The recent update, iOS 6.1.3, put a stop to hackers who found out how to bypass the phone’s lock screen by entering a simple combination of buttons.

But this new bug is a little less complicated as it involves taking out the phone’s SIM card while it is in voice control mode.

The bug was made public after a YouTube user, videosdebarraquito, uploaded a video providing instructions on how to do it. It was the same user who made public the last bug that Apple fixed.

In this video, the user shows how to bypass the phone’s lock screen on an iPhone 4, but it seems that the bug exists in all phones.

To perform it, one has to activate voice dialing mode from the lock screen and instruct it to make a call. As the phone makes the call, the person has to take out the SIM card at that moment.

Once the SIM is removed, the phone immediately brings up the contacts list and owner’s photos.

Others have since replicated the hack, like Iphoneincanada and TheNextWeb, though all have done so on an iPhone 4S and not an iPhone 5.

But iPhone 5 users are warned that the hack could also apply to them, as iPhoneblog.de, a German site, has said it performed the same hack on the latest iPhone.

While many believe Siri is involved in it, hackers say it has to do with Apple’s Voice Control feature.

Videosdebarraquito said to turn off the “Voice Dial” feature, which would disable people from bypassing the phone’s lock screen. But to make it even more secure, one should disable Siri from the lock screen.

The video explaining the hack was released yesterday, but has already gained more than 120,000 views.

Apple has not released a statement.

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