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Hacker Group Anonymous Gets Involved In Justina Pelletier Case

The notorious hacker group Anonymous has reportedly joined the large number of supporters and activists who want to see Justina Pelletier returned to her family. The group posted a YouTube video recently calling out Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) over their role in taking Pelletier out of the custody of her parents. They are also apparently believed to be behind a recent cyber attack on the hospital.

Pelletier, of course, has been in the custody of the state of Massachusetts since a judge ruled in March that her parents are “unfit to care for their daughter’s complex medical and psychiatric needs.”

In their video, Anonymous specifically called out the doctor from BCH who pressed medical abuse charges against the Pelletier parents.

“To the Boston Children’s Hospital why do you employ people that clearly do not put patients first?” the video says. “We demand that you terminate Alice W. Newton from her employment or you too shall feel the full unbridled wrath of Anonymous. Test us and you shall fail.”

Here is the full video:

Whether anonymous is behind the recent cyber attack on BCH is unclear, but the attack does bear many of the same characteristics as Anonymous’ past work. BCH’s network was overloaded with traffic to the point that patients and doctors couldn’t check appointment times, test results, and other information as the hospital was forced to shut down many of its pages.

Linda Pelletier, Justina’s mother, has no strong feelings one way or another about Anonymous’ involvement in the case.

“I think the whole thing has gotten out of control,” Pelletier told the Boston Globe. “I don’t know who Anonymous is. I just want my daughter home.”

Pelletier remains in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and is staying at the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts. 


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