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Greatest Invention Ever: Automatic TV Mute of Hated People

It's happened to all of us -- we are happily watching television when someone we absolutely despise comes on. We scramble for the remote, but we can't hit mute in time and our night is ruined. Now there is a new invention that automatically mutes the TV for us.

A fellow named Matt Richardson -- perhaps the smartest guy in the world -- calls his invention the "Enough Already project."

"I'm getting a sick of hearing about the same people on TV over and over and over again," Richardson said.


Time magazine explains how it works:

Richardson combines an Arduino board and a video experimenter shield to look at the closed-captioning, scanning for names you can input yourself that you don't want to hear about. The mechanism uses an infrared beam to send a "mute" command to your television for thirty seconds. If the name is mentioned again within thirty seconds, the TV will stay muted. That happens repeatedly until they stop mentioning He-or-She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Once thirty seconds go by, the sound turns back on automatically.

Richardson explains further:


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