Google Removes 'Bomb Gaza' Game (Video)


Google has removed a controversial game from the Google Play app store after a backlash from users.

The game developed by PlayFTW called “Bomb Gaza” allows players to drop missiles on Palestinian women holding children. Users fly an aircraft decorated with the Israeli flag, bombing the Gaza strip to kill “terrorists” while dodging missiles from Hamas fighters in black and green masks.

About 300 children have died since the Israeli air strikes began in Palestine.

The game was downloaded more than 1,000 times and had a 4.4 out of 5 star ranking, according to Styleite.

Google removed the game on Monday.

"We remove apps from Google Play that violate our policies," a Google spokesperson told NBC News in a statement.

Although hate speech, bullying and violence is prohibited on Google Play, similar app offerings include “Gaza Assault” and “Whack the Hamas.”

Mashable reported that a second game was removed from Google called “Gaza Assault: Code Red.”

Sources: Styleite, NBC News

Image screenshot: Google Play


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