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Google Fiber Debuts in Kansas City, 100 Times Faster than Average ISP

Google Fiber, which recently debuted in Kansas City, is allegedly 100 times faster than average Internet connections and allows users to download feature-length films in under a minute.

In Kansas City, the fiber optic cable network has been set up like telephone lines, so Google can connect customers’ houses to the fiber optic cables, which enable the transmission of one gigabit per second, reports the Business Insider.

Google Fiber is only $70 per month, while additional television service costs $50 more.

Subscribers to Google Fiber also get a free Nexus 7 tablet, which doubles as the TV's remote control.

However, YouTube integration and HBO are not included in the service, but industry analysts say that Google Fiber could revolutionize the industry.

When it comes to installing the hardware, Google schedules appointment times for installation, rather than providing windows of time when a technician might show up.


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