German Court Bans Keeping Nude Photos Of Ex-Lovers

When a German couple calls it quits, a partner can demand any intimate images of them be deleted, a court ruled on Tuesday.

A woman in central Germany brought a case before the Koblenz higher regional court demanding that her ex-boyfriend, who is a photographer, delete all images he had of her after they split up.

Her ex had taken many nude photos and erotic videos of her while they were dating. The man claimed he had no intention of publishing or reproducing the images.

The court ruled her personal privacy trumped the photographer’s ownership rights. However, the court rejected her demand that the photos in which she is clothed should also be deleted.

The ruling could put an end to "revenge porn" in Germany. Attorney Tim Geissler says women usually cannot do anything about "revenge porn" until after their images have already been published online.

"Increasingly, young people share and upload images without giving it much thought. We constantly try to educate young girls in particular to think about what may happen to intimate photographs after they are taken,” Michaela Brauburger, who educates young people about privacy and social media in Germany, told The Guardian. “Hopefully this decision will empower them to broach the issue with their partners before it is too late.”

Sources: The Guardian, TIME


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