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Game Review: Skee-Ball Arcade, Created By Scopely

Skee Ball is the king of all arcade games. Anyone out there disagree?

Didn’t think so.

Let’s be honest – any game that is the mini-sized love child of bowling and basketball would have been destined for success. And now, thanks to the new mobile game Skee-Ball Arcade, you don’t have to go to an actual arcade to enjoy the thrills of Skee Ball anymore (because let’s face it, at your age, that would be kind of embarrassing.)

Skee-Ball Arcade is the latest game from Scopely – the same company that brought you mobile gaming hits like Mini Golf MatchUp and Wordly. The game combines the classic fun of Skee Ball with the modern head-to-head challenges of social gaming. Players can link the game with their Facebook to challenge friends or challenge random players online.

The basics of the game are familiar to Skee Ball veterans. Players swipe their finger upwards on the screen to fling the ball towards hoops of various sizes and point values. Each player gets four rounds to score as many points as possible. After each player finishes playing their rounds, scores are added up and a winner is declared.

Sounds pretty standard, right? Not so fast.

Scopely infused the game with a whole host of arcade-inspired extras. Players can use power-ups and point multipliers to boost their scores. A daily tournament lets players compete against others worldwide to see who is king of the Skee Ball world. In addition to playing on a standard Skee Ball board, players can take their turns hurling balls at boards inspired by Pinball, Space Invaders, and other arcade classics as well. Take a look at this screenshot from the game. You still throw a ball down a lane ala Skee Ball, but your goal is now to destroy alien space ships. Very cool:

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Overall, this game puts a bunch of innovative new twists on a classic. The arcade-inspired power-ups and alternate scoring boards add a lot fun gameplay options to spice up competition between you and your opponent.

The game is free to download, and is available in both the Apple and Google Play app stores. Users currently give the game 4.5/5 stars, so give it a download and see for yourself what all the hype is about. Check out the official trailer for the game below:


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