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Funny Map Shows What Each State Wants According To Google Autocomplete

I’m sure we’ve all experienced one of those eerie moments when we’re searching for something on the internet and Google somehow knows exactly what we’re going to type. This function, usually referred to as autocomplete, logs what users search for and uses that data to suggest commonly searched for things to future users.

Tech magazine Mashable recently decided to use Google’s autocomplete feature to see what people in each state “want” for the their state. Researchers simply typed in “(State name) wants” and wrote down the first autocomplete suggestion for the search. The results were pretty entertaining.

Secession was an extremely common theme in the searches. For 15 states, the first suggestion for “(State name) wants…” was “to secede.”

Other funny finds from the map:

  • Virginia wants its own currency
  • New York wants your guns
  • Miserable Georgians want Tennessee weather
  • Poor Wyoming just wants an aircraft carrier
  • Floridians want “to know”…. And nothing else
  • Louisiana wants to close libraries
  • Fitting with these state’s huge college football programs, Oregon and Oklahoma fans want Bama.

Check out the rest of the quirky findings on the map below:

Image placeholder title

Sources: Mashable, The Blaze


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