Free Flashlight Apps May be Tracking Your Cell Phone's Information


There are numerous free apps that people install on their phones, but many of those apps aren't just giving, they're also taking.

According to, many free flashlight apps contain a "torch," which secretly tracks a cell phone's location, the owner's contacts and text messages.

The purpose of this data mining is to sell the info or give it to market research companies and advertising agencies, reports the The Daily Mail.

But many people are not aware of this trade-off unless they read the very fine print in the app.

The cyber-security firm has posted a list of flashlight apps that may be spying on your cell phone.

Gary Miliefsky, founder of, said in a statement: "We’ve all become victims of installing many apps on our smartphones and tablets that do much more than the service they should provide.

"We have opened a Pandora’s Box to online predators, cyber criminals and spies, all through these apps we foolishly trust," added Miliefsky.

This warning doesn't apply to the built-in flashlight on Apple’s iPhones, notes

In response to this report by, Google said in a statement: ‘We don’t comment on individual apps but we remove those that violate our policies [from our app store]."

Sources:,, The Daily Mail, (Image Credit: Chris.rider81)


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