Former Target Store Manager Steve Asher Now in Charge of U.S. Nuclear Security (Video)

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently named Steve Asher as its acting head of nuclear security.

Less than four years ago, Asher was working as a "team leader" at a Target store in Spokane, Washington.

Asher's new title puts him in charge of developing and implementing security programs at nuclear sites nationwide.

"Asher was recruited into Target's executive ranks after serving 33 years in the US Air Force," said NNSA spokesman Joshua McConaha. "There are very few people in the United States who have more experience. Target is a Fortune 50 company who is extremely selective about who they recruit. He was responsible for managing hundreds of people and millions of dollars."

According to Mother Jones, prior to working at Target, Asher was a commander of the Malmstrom's 341st Security Forces Group at the Malmstrom Air Force Base from 2005 until 2008. Asher was in charge of security for 200 intercontinental ballistic missiles in central Montana.

A few months after Asher left to work at Target,  the Air Force Times reported in November 2008 that the 341st Missile Wing had failed its "nuclear surety inspection," after problems were found with maintenance and in a program that monitors access.

A November 2009 video (below),  found by the Project on Government Oversight, shows Asher promoting Black Friday bargains on a local news station: "A lot of folks were being thrifty in their shopping this year, and so we sold more of our $1.99 towels than we expected!"

(Asher begins speaking at the :38 mark)

Source: Mother Jones


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