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Foldable Pocket Drones That Takes Photos Coming Soon

Aerial drones soaring through the sky have been a hot topic lately in the political world, and pretty soon much smaller drones might be making their way into people’s pockets – literally.

The “Pocket Drone,” funded by, is a foldable, flying “multicopter” that its creators have described it as the “GoPro of drones.”

Equipped with an action camera for capturing aerial photos and videos and a rechargeable battery, the drone folds up to a size of a small tablet.

“Until now, most people could not participate in this awesome new technology revolution – the cost was too great, the drones too bulky, and the software too difficult to operate,” creators Timothy Reuter, TJ Johnson and Chance Roth wrote on their Kickstarter page.

The creators, also founders of the Drones User Group Network, said they want to empower civilians, not spy on them.

The Drones User Group Network says it is “dedicated to teaching people to build and operate the flying robots… and there wasn’t anything out there that was both powerful and convenient to carry. So we decided to create something that combined the best of everything we had seen, but was more elegant and accessible."

This drone is easy to operate, they said. It can be unpacked and launched within 20 seconds and can be managed by a remote, a third party RC controller or from any Android phone or tablet with a USB port.

The Pocket Drone can be purchased for $445 without a controller or $495 for the entire package.

The Kickstarter campaign will close its fundraising on March 9 and has already surpassed its goal of $35,000 by reaching $300,000.

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