Florida Town Tests Solar-Powered Trash Cans

A Florida city is one of a few cities in America that are testing out solar powered trash cans that are able to hold five times as much trash and tell the sanitation department when they are full.

The trashcans in Venice, Fla. are pricey, at $4,000, but the price means they come with a lot of high-tech abilities.

Public Works Director John Veneziano said the trash cans lead to less driving for garbage trucks because the cans are able to compact trash on the spot, enabling them to hold five times the regular amount of trash.

"If we went with these cans on a widespread basis, you could potentially cut down on that work effort by up to 80%," he said.

And with their WiFi capabilities, the trash cans are able to tell the sanitation department when they need to be emptied.

But many residents have said they are against the cans, as they are fearful they will eventually cost more money when they need to be repaired.

Veneziano said that the cans are not permanent yet.

"This is a trial basis. We are going to look at the total economics of it," he said.

The cans are also being used in other cities. Philadelphia has placed them in the downtown area for the past year, and Brian Merchant of Motherboard said they have saved the city almost $1 million dollars.

They also don't lead to sanitation workers losing their jobs. Workers in Philadelphia simply have a more optimal route.

Sources: Inquisitr, ABC


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