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Florida Thief Posts ‘Selfies’ From Stolen iPad To Victim’s iCloud

A Florida thief who stole a woman’s iPad and iPod touch from her car may have accidentally revealed her identity by posting “selfies” to the victim's photo stream.

After the items went missing from her car, the anonymous victim checked her iCloud photo stream and was shocked to find that it contained seven new photos.

The pictures show a black woman taking selfies in a bathroom, mugging for the camera with her tongue out.

“At first I was like 'who is this?' But then I noticed she's got the iTouch there,” the victim said. “I couldn't believe it. She's sitting there with her tongue sticking out and all these 'selfie' pictures. It was pretty bold. It was pretty shocking.”

She added: “It makes me angry that she is very bold like that thinking that she's going to get away with it, taking pictures of herself. I want the public to see this girl. I want her captured.”

Using the photos as a starting point, investigators are now trying to track down the thief. The victim is offering a cash reward to anyone who turns her in.

“I know what she looks like. The sheriff's office knows what she looks like. People on Facebook know what she looks like and the news knows what she looks like,” the victim said. “We just need someone to turn her in.”

Sources: The Daily Mail, WPTV


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