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Florida Teacher Under Investigation For Racist Comments About Dead Student (Video)

A Clay County, Fla. teacher is in hot water after posting some undeniably racist comments about a dead student on Facebook. The comments were directed at Jordan Davis, a Florida teenager who was shot and killed by Michael Dunn after Dunn complained about the teen’s loud music. A jury ruled Dunn killed Davis in self-defense.

In the hours following Dunn's trial, Davis' mother, Lucia McBath, gave a speech in which she said, “We’ll continue to wait for justice for Jordan.” Excerpts from the speech and a photograph of McBath made their way on to Facebook. There, hundreds of sympathetic readers offered condolences to McBath and her family.

But in the midst of heartfelt statements of support, a woman named Susan Wright found room to spew hate.

“She had a thug for a son,” one comment said. Wright followed that statement with another comment reading, “Hope the black boy burns in hell.”

Now, we all know ignorant people exist in the world. As disturbing as Wright’s sentiments are, they are not unusual. What is unusual, though, are statements like this coming from someone in Wright’s role in the community. She is a teacher in the Clay County school district.

Many parents are uncomfortable with Wright’s role as a teacher after seeing her rhetoric on Facebook.

"How do I know that I can trust my child to be around her or someone else can trust their child to be around her with the attitude that she's harboring?” one parent asked.

The Clay County school district is investigating the comments. Jacksonville news station WTEV went to Wright’s residence in hopes of speaking with her. Her husband answered the door and was short on words. He denied his wife ever wrote the comments on Facebook – a statement that is demonstrably false.

“She didn't make any comments about Jordan Davis and his mother,” he said. Susan Wright refused to speak with WTEV.

The attorney representing the Davis family hopes the Clay County School District will conduct a thorough investigation of Wright’s comments and react appropriately.

"We hope the school system takes a serious look at Ms. Wright's character if she indeed has so offensively and prejudicially judged Jordan Davis,” the attorney said. “If she made these posts, her ability to maintain a position of judgment over children is in serious question."

Sources: WTEV, ABC


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