Fired National Security Official Jofi Joseph May Have Run Second Anonymous Twitter Account About Sex, Prostitution


The White House national security official fired for running an anonymous Twitter account that leveled acid-tongued put-downs at his administration colleagues and higher-ups may have operated a second, racier Twitter feed that delved enthusiastically into the seamy world of Washington D.C. sex and prostitution.

The web site Politico reports that Jofi Joseph, 40, who until last week was better known in D.C. circles as @NetSecWonk, the acerbic tweeter who prided himself on his snarky and often nasty online remarks about Obama administration officials, as well as some Republicans, is suspected by investigators of also going by the Twitter handle @dchobbyist.

That account, Politico said, “included racier tweets about sexual encounters, escort services – and the inner workings of the State Department.”

While barely noticed outside of the Beltway, @NatSecWonk became a virtual obsession for Washington insiders. The account went online in February of 2011 and almost since then, administration officials were trying to find out who was behind it.

Last week, they did. And Jospeh was out of a job.

Joseph had worked for the State Department and more recently as a director in the division of the the House national security staff that deals with preventing nuclear proliferation. He has been involved with the administration’s efforts to negotiate with Iran over that country’s nuclear program.

Joseph was a well-known figure to foreign policy buffs in Washington. And his wife, Carolyn Leddy, is Republican staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The @dchobbyist account is still on line but has been locked by its anonymous owner “due to a bunch of strange tweets aimed at me.” Joseph has not confirmed whether he is the man behind that account as well.

While Joseph took potshots at just about anyone on the political landscape from behind his @NatSecWonk veil, many of his nastiest remarks were reserved for women, New York Magazine pointed out.

"I feel sorry for the husband of @jrubinblogger He has to have sex with her every five years,” he tweeted, referring to conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin.

"Admit it, when you heard Helen Thomas went out on a date with JFK back in the day, you asked yourself, "Wait, she was attractive once?" went another tweet directed at highly respected longtime, now retired White House correspondent Thomas.

Women’s weight seemed to be a @NatSecWonk fixation. "Who are the two blondes flanking [Chelsea Clinton]? And is it just me, or has she put on some weight?"

"[Liz Cheney is ] what happens when rank nepotism meets sheer stupidity. Also, she takes after her father -- she's like 30 pounds overweight."

"Has rich kid Tagg Romney ever even been in a fight? What a piece of shit. He needs to tell his mom to lose about 15 pounds"

In an e-mail to Politico, Joseph apologized for his two-plus years of anonymous vitriol.

“What started out as an intended parody account of DC culture developed over time into a series of inappropriate and mean-spirited comments.  I bear complete responsibility for this affair and I sincerely apologize to everyone I insulted,” he wrote.

See more of @NatSecWonk’s tweets, preserved for posterity here.

SOURCES: Daily Beast, Politico, New York Magazine

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