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Female Game Developer Flees Her Home After Address Was Posted To Twitter With Rape, Death Threats

A Boston game developer fled her home Friday after a Twitter user tweeted her address and threatened to rape and kill her.

Brianna Wu, head of development at Giant Spacecat, left her home after a series of anonymous abusive tweets from an account named “Death to Brianna.”

“I'm going to kill Brianna Wu and her husband Frank,” wrote @chatterwhiteman from the now-suspended account.

“@spacekatgal I hope you enjoy your last moments alive on this earth. You did nothing worthwhile with your life,” said another tweet.

“@spacekatgal If you have any kids they’re going to die too,” it added. “I don’t give a (expletive). They’ll grow up to be feminists anyway.”

“They posted my address, and within moments I got that death threat,” Wu said, according to the Daily Mail.

Wu, the developer of the well-received “Revolution 60” mobile game, has allegedly been vocal about her disdain for the harassment of female gamers. She says the threats came after she shared a meme making fun of a gamer group called Gamergate, which according to Huffington Post protects the identity of gamers including those who harass women.

“Anyone who advocates for gender equality, or better representation, or even just a more open discussion is considered an enemy to be bullied, boycotted or, in some cases, harassed,” she said.

“I want to be crystal clear - I am scared of the death threats I've gotten,” she added.

But she insists she will still appear at ComicCon on Sunday.

"This is a potential new status quo," said Kotaku's Stephen Totilo. "The kind of harassment that sends anyone in the gaming scene fleeing from their homes is detestable and should be condemned no matter where one stands on anything else."

Some members of GamerGate allegedly told VentureBeat that Wu staged the threats in order to damage the movement.

Sources: Huffington Post, Daily Mail

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Jason Persse


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