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FBI Escorts Innocent Man Out Of Movie Theater For Wearing Google Glass

It’s already illegal to wear Google Glass while driving in California. To be fair, this doesn’t seem like a bad law. Given people’s affinity for texting and driving, it’s not hard to imagine Glass wearers looking at all kinds of things on their Glass while only keeping a half-attentive eye on the road.

It looks like driving isn’t the only thing authorities don’t want you doing while wearing Glass. A man in a Columbus, Ohio movie theatre was confronted by law enforcement agents in the middle of a movie recently. The agents snatched the glasses off his face and removed him from the theatre. Once outside, the man was confronted by a group of agents who grilled him for over three hours about whether he was using the glasses to record the movie he was seeing.

“People around me were all looking in my direction,” said the man, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Being dark in the theatre, I didn’t see how the other people react. And it happened rather fast. I followed my glasses – I wouldn’t let somebody just take them and leave without me following.”

The man insists he wasn’t using Glass to record the movie. He is one of a number of people who chose to purchase prescription lenses for his Glass and use them as his daily glasses. This is why he chose to wear them to the theatre that day.

“After I got my prescription lens for Glass, I wore Google Glass exclusively, including at the movies,” he said. “As the prior couple of times there was no issue with me wearing glass at the very same movie theater, I didn’t even think about wearing my old pair of glasses to the movie, and I didn’t have my old glasses with me. I always carry an “emergency pair” in my car, but the car was in the parking lot. So the short answer is no, I didn’t consider wearing regular glasses.”

Agents let the man go home after three hours of questioning. His glasses were returned to him and no charges were filed. The AMC movie theatre he was confronted at doesn’t seem too apologetic about the ordeal – the only consolation he received for his troubles is two free tickets to another showing. Woohoo. 

Sources: Phandroid, Android Headlines


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