Fake Charities Show Up Online After Boston Marathon Explosions


Over 20 internet domains were registered in order to steal donations from individuals looking to help the victims of Monday's Boston Marathon bombings.

A total of 125 new domain registrations were made relating to the Boston Marathon explosions, The Domains reported.

More than 20 domains, like bostonrelief2013.com, bitcoinsforboston.com and bostonmarathonvictimfund.com appear to be related to fundraising, according to The Domains. They warned that many are looking to make money off of Monday’s tragedy.

“While we don’t know every registrants intention, we do know historically that many of the domain names registered immediately after were done to get traffic and make money parking domains or worse,” wrote The Domains editor Michael Berkens.

The full list of domains in question appears on The Domains. They even published names and locales of certain registrants.

Even an account on Twitter – @_BostonMarathon – appeared minutes after the bombs went off claiming that for each retweet it would donate $1 to victims.

After many complaints, Twitter shut down the account, which was very close in name to the Boston Marathon’s official twitter feed.

“If you receive a phone call for Donations for the Boston Explosion, it’s a scam,” tweeted Blue Alert, an organization specializing in the apprehension of violent criminal who injure law enforcement. “Donate to the Red Cross.”

The American Red Cross is accepting donations for the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Domains


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