'Facedeals' Camera Recognizes Shoppers From Facebook Pictures, Offers Deals

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A new camera called 'Facedeals' could soon be used to recognize people when they enter a store based on their Facebook pictures, reports the Daily Mail.

Customers, who agree to use Facedeals, will be offered special discounts. Facedeals uses uploaded Facebook pictures, but is not affiliated with Facebook.

A promotional video (below) shows people entering a bar and being offered drinks because they were recognized by Facedeals.

The advertising agency Redpepper told the Daily Mail: "Facebook check-ins are a powerful mechanism for businesses to deliver discounts to loyal customers, yet few businesses, and fewer customers, have realized it. So we set out to evolve the check-in and sweeten the deal, making both irresistible."

Facebook recently bought Face.com, a company that introduced face recognition technology on the web. Facebook uses the software to recognize people in uploaded pictures and to spot friends.


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