Facebook's "Planking" Goes Viral After Australia Death

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The practice of "planking" -- lying face down on an object with your hands at your sides, and posting the photo on Facebook -- has gone viral following the death of a man in Australia.

Over the weekend 20-year-old Acton Beale was planking on a balcony railing when he fell seven stories to his death. This has prompted police in Australia, where planking is particularly popular, to issue a warning -- on Facebook, of all places.

"If you want to take a photograph of yourself planking on a park bench two foot off the ground, there are no risks to your health with that, but when you start doing it seven stories up or lying across a railway line or in a range of other places that invite death or serious injury, that's what we have a concern about," said Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett.

Spurred on by the death, planking is more popular than ever. Hundreds of thousands of people are following several planking pages on Facebook -- many of them signing up since word of Beale's death broke.

New planking pages from the United Kingdom and Norway have cropped up. And here in the United States interest in planking is soaring.

Here are some planking photos from Facebook:

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