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Facebook Removes Social Roulette, An App That Deletes User Accounts

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Facebook has removed an app called Social Roulette launched on Saturday that capitalized on exhaustion with social media. Users had a one in six chance of loosing their Facebook data, which the app would delete if users lost.

When the game is won, the app posts to a user’s wall that the player “survived”. When the game is lost, the app can delete “likes”, friends, posts and photos – playing the game is essentially social networking suicide.

Its creator, Kyle McDonald, called a provocation rather than a tool.

“Sometimes we need a simple game to help take the responsibility off our shoulders,” Mcdonald said, in reference to the game’s data deletion capability, “and provide a moment for reflection.”

A few hours of its launch, Facebook deleted the app, which worked against its business model of social network growth.

“Everyone thinks about deleting their account at some point,” McDonald said. “It’s a completely normal reaction to the overwhelming nature of digital culture.”

The logo for Social Roulette, the Facebook “F” inside the chamber of a six-shooter pistol, is another reason why Facebook targeted the app. In an official statement, Facebook said that the app violated their platform policies and branding guidelines, harboring a negative user experience.

McDonald has faith in the app’s second life, however.

“We’re currently working to address this and other issues,” he said, “and expect a return to normal service some time this week.”

Sources: CNet, Tech Crunch


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