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Facebook Phone Details Leaked, To Be Announced On Thursday

This Thursday, Facebook is expected to unveil its own phone which would give users the option to make the site their home screen.

The phone features a new operating system for the Android, likely featuring a specific button on the device that will automatically go to the homepage of Facebook.

Details about the phone have been leaked, indicating that the name is HTC First. 

It is likely to be sold as a mid-range phone, and will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5 megapixel rear camera, and a 4.3 inch display capable of 720p HD resolution.

One TechCrunch writer said that the specs are "so yawn-inducing" that he will fall asleep if "Facebook spends more than two minutes on hardware and specs on Thursday."

It comes as no surprise that Facebook is trying to increase their mobile phone presence, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted recently that it's one of the largest challenges the company faces. 

Though more than 680 million people use Facebook on cellphones every month, Zuckerberg admits they do not make as much money as they should from it and they are struggling to find ways of making it as profitable as their regular site. 

Getting users to spend more time on the site through mobile phones, which the company will likely do with the unveiling of a Facebook phone, should increase their mobile revenue. 

The site offers many mobile services, including texting, voice calling and email, and will soon announce Graph Search for phones. 

But the success of the Facebook phone will depend upon how inclined users are to using the site on their devices.

The main consensus from analysts is that the Facebook phone will be a success if they can increase user engagement.

Analyst Michael Pachter, of Wedbush, said it is commendable that Facebook is trying to increase their mobile revenue.

"It's not just for the user experience, but so they can efficiently deliver ads," he said. 

Arvind Bhatia, another analyst, said ads will be displayed easier through the phone.

"It's a major announcement for Facebook and should be a needle-move over time," he said. "Deeper integration with the Android system should boost user engagement and monetization."

But other analysts have a more negative outlook, fearing that a Facebook phone would be useless as one can easily access the site through a downloadable app.

"The world has appified over the last several years on mobile devices. Everything is just a click away," BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said.

Yet if the software does turn out to be a success, it may end up affecting more than just Facebook. It could drive up Android sales and give Google an advantage over Apple. 

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