Is Facebook Over? 6 Million in US Cancel Accounts

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New numbers that were just released show that at least in the English speaking parts of the world, Facebook is starting to die and not in a very pretty way. For the first time in a very long time, Facebook had a net loss in the US as 6 million people in May decided they no longer wanted to be a part of Facebook. Through all the privacy and all the format changes, Facebook never lost monthly users until now. In Canada, Facebook lost ten percent of their users last month. Ten percent! That is enormous. Similar falls were seen in the UK and Australia.

Hey, but good news, if you live in Asia, Facebook is on the rise and if you need a friend you can add me.

I have been saying this is inevitable. It just is. People get tired of something and they move on. You cannot have 160 million users in one country and expect to keep them all forever. Remember when everyone had AOL for internet? What I have not figured out is where everyone is moving to. Twitter is not going to be it because people need more than 140 words. The owners of that company are going to be really sorry in two years when the bottom drops out that they never capitalized like they could have on the service.

Is there some new site that is going to capture the imagination of the world?


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