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Facebook is Down Today, But Friendster is Up and Running

What are we -- meaning all 500 million of us -- supposed to do when our great big digital toy goes down for the second time in a week? How do we get through the day if we can't see Stella's iPhone photos of her cupcakes or find out whether Jason liked his soy latte?

I suppose we could journey over to Twitter, but (a) the Fail Whale is an overweight loser and (b) we don't want to appear desperate. I mean, Facebook users don't slum on Twitter.

I used to wonder what people did before the Internet. Now I want to know what people did before Facebook. Anybody remember pre-2005? I hear they surfed the Internet -- and didn't know what their friends and family were doing, thinking, smelling and eating at all times.

Scary way to go through a work day, isn't it?

Speaking of work, we could try doing that for 20 minutes. It's always an option. But does anybody really work anymore? Oh, sure we go to the office. But we don't work. We look at Facebook and read people's walls. Maybe we visit TMZ but it's kind of a hassle to journey outside the Facebook neighborhood. And maybe we send a few cover-our-ass emails in case our boss asks why something imporant hasn't happened.Then we go back to Facebook.

Of course, nobody really produces anything anymore. Except the Chinese. But it all has lead in it.

Remember MySpace? Facebook being down has me reminiscent of the past.

What happened to that site? Why did it suddenly become totally and insanely uncool in a matter of like three hours?

The same strange phenomenon happened to Friendster, which is so lame it can now be cool again. Think of the irony potential here. What if I went around telling people -- right now -- hey, check out my Friendster page. They would laugh at me. And then when they realized I was serious, they would see me as cool and ironic and hip. And not a conformist. I'd be a rebel.

I just went there. Not only does it have a script logo on a green cloud, it's really up and working.

More than I can say for crappy Facebook.

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