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Facebook Bug "Broke The Internet" Last Night

If you were logged onto Facebook or were on any site that had a Facebook “Like” button last night, you might have been surprised to find a Facebook error page.

The incident occurred around 7:30 pm Eastern time on Thursday, and it “broke” the Internet for about 15 minutes.

People who were online at the time and were on a website that had a Facebook Like button were taken to a Facebook error page. The problem could be solved by logging out of Facebook and opening up another browser.

But the event confused many people, as it was not immediately clear that Facebook was experiencing difficulties.

It happened pretty quickly, and once it was over, Facebook responded to it:

“For a short period of time, there was a bug that redirected people from third-party sites integrated with Facebook to The issue was quickly resolved.”

Though most people forgot about it after it happened, some curious minds discovered that this could be an indicator of how much Facebook knows about our Internet habits.

Since many websites are linked with Facebook, Facebook is able to tell when we visit these sites and how often.

When a person visits a Web page, a cookie is placed in the computer. These cookies are connected to Facebook when the person logs in.

Because most people have their real names on Facebook, many are worrying about the fact that our real names could be linked to the sites we visit.

Facebook has sworn it would not use its power to track users, but it has done it several times.

The site denied it, saying they do not track users on the web.

“Instead, we use cookies on social plugins to personalise content - e.g. show you what your friends liked - to help maintain and improve what we do - e.g. measure click-through rate - or for safety and security e.g. keeping underage kids from trying to signup with a different age.”

Recently, it said it plans to sell “ads that follow Facebook members beyond the confines of the social network.”



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