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Facebook and Twitter Announce Apps for Google Glass

As Google Glass gets closer and closer to being ready for release, many social networking sites are itching to get their apps ready for the high-tech device. 

As expected, Twitter and Facebook were the first to launch their applications for Google Glass on Thursday. 

"Built by Facebook, this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook timeline," Erick Tseng, head of mobile products at Facebook, said in a message posted from the Google developers conference.

"You can also add an optional photo description, just by speaking it."

Tseng's Facebook had an image that was taken from the conference. It was named the first public post to Facebook using the Google Glass app.

"Can't wait to start seeing Google Glass photos in my News Feed!" he said.

Twitter joined Facebook by announcing its app. 

Through the app, Google Glass users can share pictures or post tweets on Twitter.

Engineering manager Shiv Ramamurthi showed everyone at the conference how to use it, as he posted a photo onto his Twitter. He tagged the tweet #throughglass.

"In addition to sharing photos, you can also keep up with the people you follow on Twitter through notifications," Ramamurthi said. "As always, you can reply to, rewet or favorite these tweets."

There have also been a few major news organizations that have created apps for the device. For now, Glass has only been made available to developers and a limited amount of "explorers" who had to pay $1,500 for it.

In addition to the many apps of Glass, it will also feature Google Hangouts and Google Plus.

Sources: Raw Story, ABC


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