Facebook Adds ‘Reply’ Button, Will Prioritize Interaction

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This week Facebook announced a new feature that would permit users to reply directly to comments that have been left on their page. It’s a modification that has been a long time in the making, and one that is perfectly in line with the social network’s re-dedication to inspiring conversations among users.

Essentially, this feature will allow people to respond to a particular comment and have it appear directly below that, rather than responding to a particular comment and then having the comment go way down to the very bottom of the comment thread. This, theoretically, will make room for more engagement and in-depth discussions.

According to CNN, Facebook’s plan with this most recent adjustment is prioritizing comments based on response and engagement. The most popular ones, thus, will float to the top.

"You and your readers will have the ability to reply directly to comments left on your Page content and start conversation threads, which will make it easier for you to interact directly with individual readers and keep relevant conversations connected," said Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook's journalism program manager, in an official blog post.

"Also, the most active and engaging conversations among your readers will be surfaced at the top of your posts ensuring that people who visit your Page will see the best conversations."

As of now, this new adjustment will only impact Facebook pages, not profiles. However, the powers that be hope to roll it out to all pages with more than 10,000 followers by July 2013.

Source: CNN, Gizbot


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