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E3 News: Asphalt 8, Brothers In Arms 3, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Gangstar Vegas and More

Today at E3, I had the chance to check out the upcoming titles from mobile developer Gameloft. Aside from being mobile games, these titles couldn't be any more different.
Let's just cut the introduction short and get to the games, shall we?

Asphalt 8
Release date: July

Get ready for the eigth serving of what may be the best looking racing game on a tablet. With a new phyics engine, Gameloft is proud to point out that Asphalt 8 is the
biggest (and best) Asphalt to date. This time around, you'll get to drive in a large line of exotic cars and tracks from all over the world.

Asphalt 8 also brings new modes of gameplay to the table. You can race your friends online, or offline through asynchonous gameplay. You can also rack up points in
drift challenges. What's most notable in Asphalt 8 is the new Infected mode. In Infected mode, your car becomes infected and the clock start ticking. Once the clock stops,
you're destroyed. If you want to keep in the race, you're going to need to ram other oponents and destroy them. In other words, if you like burnout, then you may be interested
in Asphalt8.

Brothers In Arms 3
Release Date: Fall

In the newest installment of Gameloft's third person military shoter, Brothers In Arms 3 brings the boom! You run from cover to cover blasting fools in the face. There doesn't seem
to be much going on in the game, but when you blow a guy up with a grenade, it sure looks cool. Okay okay. So the game looks cool on an iPad and where else could you get a nice looking
third person cover based shooter on iOS?

Despicable Me: Minion Rush
Release Date: June 13th

This was probably my most favorite game we were shown at Gameloft. Despicable Me: Minion Rush is an endless runner. But and endless runner with Minions! They're cute as al hell! Race as
a minion who's trying to be Minion of the year. That's all you really need right there. Well, the game also shifts perspective and changes environments from time to time to keep things fresh.

But stil... Minions.

Gangstar Vegas
Release Date: Fall

In Gangstar Vegas you get to be a gangster... in vegas. You know. You get to fight in MMA fights, drive crazy cars, shoot everything, and visit the local strip club.

For those of you who are tired of the GTA games on iOS... Gangstar Vegas.

Modern Combat 5
Release Date: Fall

Modern Combat if probably Gameloft's most popular (and infamous) game series. There isn't much to say about Modern Combat 5 that you couldn't decipher simply by reading the title.
Hey! This one takes place in Venice. Oh, and it also has a bot you can deploy that will fly past the enemy and scan the area to tell you where the enemies are. There's that.


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