E3: New "My First Mote Bundles" from PDP

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As a father of three young children, we look to encourage them to enjoy some of the things that we enjoy. Certainly I will encourage my children to enjoy sports and animated programs as well as comic books – that seems a given when you consider what hobbies I enjoy. Every parent wants their children to share hobbies with them. Even my wife wants our daughter to enjoy dance and ballet the way she did as a child. It is only natural. Of all my hobbies and past times however there is one that I want my children to definitely share with me – a hobby that they are certainly beginning to get a keen grasp on. Video games.

As of now, video games are still a treat for them; still something that they are rewarded with as extra playtime when they finish their homework or complete all their weekend chores. But as they are getting older, they are definitely taking more of an interest in video games than in previous years. For that reason, I look specifically for games and devices geared toward their interest – something to help them personalize the experience to their likes and favorites. Yeah, daddy’s Afterglow controller is pretty and shiny but it is not something that they appreciate just yet. Thankfully, the same people who developed my Afterglow controllers, Performance Design Products or PDP, also realized this and developed a new line of Wii controllers specifically with young children in mind – the appropriately named “My First Mote” line of Wii remotes.

Developed for both young girls and boys, PDP has created two distinct controllers made to make the child feel like the Wii remote truly is their own. For young girls there is a line of remotes designed with Disney Princesses for them to enjoy. Each Mote comes with four different faceplate labels for the young girl to customize her remote with. For young boys, PDP has designed the remote with characters from the Marvel Super Hero Squad on four different labels as well. These unique and impressively crafted Wii remotes should definitely help any child make the video game experience more personal to them. I actually wish they had something like this back in the old NES days. Who am I kidding? These remotes are so amazing I wouldn’t mind buying a set just for me to play with.

While the Disney Princesses Mote is definitely a follow up from the previous My First Mote line for girls, the switch from Cars to Marvel Super Hero Squad is totally new for boys. But they both are still fully functional, smaller versions of a full sized Wii remote and made from the same soft material the previous lines were made from. For parents looking to get their young gamers something extra special just for them, I highly suggest these new My First Mote bundles. I certainly will be getting them for my three children as soon as they become available for sale on the PDP website or in retail stores around the country.


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