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Durex Releases Vibrating Underwear Controlled by App

A new product is being launched by condom company Durex that aims to bring long-distance couples closer together.

It's called Fundawear, and consists of a bra, his and hers electric underwear and an app to control them. 

They say it is the "future of foreplay," as lovers miles away can tease each other with just the touch of a button.

It was announced on Wednesday through the company's YouTube page. In the video, a young couple is seen laughing as the man uses the app to simulate that he is touching her breast. 

"It fees like you're touching me," she says.

In other videos, the underwear is explained in more detail. 

They have equipped the bra and underpants with miniature actuators to produce a sensation similar to touch. Five actuators are in each bra cup and six are in the underpants. They are similar to the vibrations released from a mobile phone.

Durex claims their product is superior to all other vibrating underwear products on the market, but there are some similar ones that may be more appealing. 

Vibease is a miniature vibrator that runs through a text and picture-messaging app. It was launched on Google Play last September. 

There's also LovePalz, "the world's first Internet-enabled sex toy," which doesn't have an app. 

And for those that want a more innocent way to keep the bond alive between long-distance lovers, MIT created a Like-A-Hug jacket which mimics a human hug when the wearer has it on. CuteCircuit also created a hug device called HugShirt, which uses special sensors to measure hug strength, skin warmth and heartbeat.

Sources: IB Times,Guardian


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