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Drone Peeps on Partially Undressed Woman (Video)

A woman in Seattle, Wash., recently claimed that she was spied on by a drone that flew all the way up to her 26th floor condo and peeked in while she was partially undressed on Sunday morning.

“It was actually quite large. It appeared that there were video cameras on it,” Lisa Pleiss told Q 13 Fox (video below).

“So that’s what kind of caused me alarm because I wasn’t particularly dressed for a camera, by any means," added Pleiss. "I wasn’t appropriate, and so that was nerve-wracking immediately. I kind of, like, hid for a second and got myself taken care of and then I went back out and looked and went to grab my camera and it swooped away really fast."

Pleiss took a picture of the drone (above) and called the concierge of her condo building, who called the police.

“It was freaky,” Pleiss told KIRO. “You don't expect to be walking around indecent in your apartment and have this thing out there potentially recording you.”

The concierge saw two men operating the drone in a nearby parking lot. They were in a white Mazda with no front license plate.

“One had this big tripod with big equipment on it and it had something else that went with it,” Pleiss recalled. “They immediately grabbed it and kind of ran across the street.”

Aerial drones that come with cameras can be bought these days by anyone with a few hundred dollars.

“You’re already getting a great amount of these out there and safety is going to become an issue along with legalities of people looking at their neighbors, spying on things,” former FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam told Q 13 Fox.

Sources: Q 13 Fox and KIRO


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