Drone-Delivered Beer Looks As Cool As It Sounds (Video)


We all heard about Amazon’s plan to one day deliver purchases to your doorstep using drones. The futuristic idea sparked the interest of other business owners around the country, because Amazon isn’t the only company with drone delivery plans for the future. Minnesota brewing company Lakemaid Beer has an idea of their own.

It’s cold up at the Great Lakes. But the frigid temperatures don’t stop locals from taking part in one of the area's favorite pastimes: ice fishing. Every year, hundreds of residents set up small ice fishing houses on the frozen waters of Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs and dig in for some frigid fishing. What’s the perfect complement to cold weather and fishing? Beer, of course.

Lakemaid Beer president  Jack Supple and his colleagues recently thought of a genius way to deliver brews to ice fishers out on the lake: drones. The fishers would simply call in their order to a Lakemaid store, and then, using GPS coordinates, a drone would deliver the beer right to their door.

Check out this video showing the idea in action:

Seem too good to be true? It is. For now at least. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) struck down the idea. The FAA is still figuring out how drones should be incorporated into the modern world. Until they get an idea of how to regulate their use, commercial drone use is not permitted. Though Lakemaid fans loved the idea, Supple said he understands the FAA’s decision.

“I see what they’re talking about,” he said. “When you think of all of the people who are going to come up with ways to use these, the regulation of it is going to be important, so they’re learning as fast as we are.”

But, he added, Lakemaid would still love to use the idea in the future.

“Our Facebook page went wild because our fans loved the idea,” he said.

Sorry, beer thirsty ice fishers of the world. Looks like this one will have to wait. 

Sources: Star Tribune, YouTube


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