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Disney Tracks Guests in Parks with Computer-Chipped Wristbands

Disney’s theme parks are offering their guests rubber wristbands instead of paper tickets.

These “MagicBands” can be used as a park ticket, hotel room key and credit card, notes Time magazine.

While Disney's “MyMagic+ vacation management system” sounds convenient, the wristbands are also embedded with computer chips, which track each guest (wearing the bands) in the massive Disney parks.

The wristbands can track guests' buying habits, but also help locate missing children, if parents choose to set that feature.

Walk-around characters in the park can also track children and their information, enabling life-size Mickeys, Donalds and Goofys to greet children by their names.

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) criticized the “MagicBand” last year over privacy issues in a letter to Walt Disney CEO, Bob Iger.

"Widespread use of the MagicBand bracelets by park guests could dramatically increase the personal data Disney can collect about its guests," wrote Rep. Markey, noted WESH.

“Although kids should have the chance to meet Mickey Mouse, this memorable meeting should not be manipulated through surreptitious use of a child’s personal information,” added Rep. Markey.

He also claimed the MagicBand bracelets "could potentially have a harmful impact on our children" and the "privacy of millions of guests."

In response, Igor claimed Rep. Markey's statements were “ludicrous” and “ill-informed.”

Sources: Time and WESH


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