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Did Homeowner Shoot Down His Own Drone For Publicity? (Video)

Larry Breaux recently shot down a drone that he says was hovering over his home in Valencia, California.

Breaux's friend filmed him a cell phone while he chased after the flying gadget with a shotgun and brought it down with one shot (video below).

Breaux claims the drone was sent to harass him by a neighbor because he has a sign that plugs his Kickstarter campaign to fund his future organic lemon business.

Breaux told INSIDE EDITION, "I get an anonymous phone call on my answering machine, 'Hey, get rid of your eyesore sign or you won't have any privacy.'"

Breaux claims the computer chip that recorded the video from the drone's POV survived. He said that whoever was flying the drone was standing on a hill, and yelled out when the drone was brought down.

Breaux didn't call the police or find the drone's owner, which has some wondering if he set the entire thing up for publicity, but the shotgun-wielding homeowner denies it.

INSIDE EDITION noted that Breaux's Kickstarter campaign appears to use a drone video, but Breaux says he doesn't own a drone.

Breaux's Kickstarter page does feature a video (below) that includes a camera angle from high above. The camers shot quickly comes downwards to Breaux's house and seems to hover like a drone.

There also appears to be more aerial shots of Breaux's home, a lemon field and land that he owns.

Breaux has raised about $430 of his $60,000 Kickstarter campaign so far.

Sources: INSIDE EDITION, Kickstarter
Image Credit: INSIDE EDITION Screenshot


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