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Is Apple Manipulating its iPhone 4S Battery to Drive up Sales of iPhone 5?

The iPhone 4S has been criticized because of its lack of lasting battery power over the last few months, but what, or who, is to blame? This is the same battery that seemed to be working fine since early 2011.

What's going on? Has something changed?

Although there isn't any concrete evidence to suggest a conspiracy, some cynics wonder if Apple is deliberately and neagatively manipulating the 4S battery so consumers will get fed up -- and buy an iPhone 5.

According to anecdotal evidence, in the last 90-180 days, the phone's operating system has started to drain the battery at a faster rate than usual.

Two theories about battery drain: MacWorld claims the iCloud's background syncing drains the battery (so a trick might be deactivating your iCloud app), while says the iPhone 4S has a new A5 processor with two cores, which might be using more power than Apple expected.

Or there could be a more devious motive, as stated above.

Perhaps Apple is deliberately and negatively tinkering with its own battery's life -- via its operating system -- in order to push customers into buying the iPhone 5, which is reportedly launching on September 12.

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