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Device Stops Cars From Starting If Loans Aren't Paid (Video)

Passtime is a device that prevents a car from starting if the owner fails to make their auto payments on time.

The gadget, which attaches to the car, is marketed to people with poor or no credit.

“If you were a consumer with bad credit and you tried to go to buy a car, you’re often going to get turned down,” Chris Macheca of Passtime told CBS Denver (video below).

“If someone were to get in your car with you, they would have no idea that this device is there,” added Macheca.

As long as the car owner makes his or her loan payments on time, the car will start and their interest rate will drop by one point every 12 months of the loan.

Passtime beeps when the car owner's payment is due.

If there is an emergency situation, car owners can use a one-time-only code to start their car and keep it running for 24 hours.

However, a financing company in Clark County, Nevada, was sued earlier this year for allegedly using Passtime to turn off cars before people defaulted on their payments.

A class action suit claims that C.A.G. Acceptance LLC misused Passtime and violated state law.

“I’m quite certain we’re within our legal rights in the use of our Passtime system,” John Pena, C.A.G.’s general manager, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Sources: Las Vegas Review-Journal, CBS Denver


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