Dental Equipment Engineer Lance Greathouse Creates Flame-Throwing Wheelchair (Video)

Dental equipment engineer Lance Greathouse constructed a fire-throwing wheelchair in memory of his late brother who had Parkinson’s disease, and now sends disabled people “pimped” wheelchairs to reflect their personalities.

Greathouse’s eccentric invention can spit fire over 35 feet, which is the average length of a school bus.

The wheelchair itself was made from an electric golf cart, a helicopter sear, terrain tires and old dental machines.

“I would like to see some street gang member mess with someone in one of my chairs,” Greathouse said.

Greahouse spent one month and $1,000 to build the first model.

The inventor’s unusual interest was originally inspired by a visit to the studio of British BBC2 show “Robot Wars”, where he discussed design with the special effects department.

Greathouse said the discussion impacted his wheelchair designs and motivated him to create fully functional wheelchairs personalized for each user, just like “a teenager with their first car.”

Greathouse works as a dental engineer to support his hobby, though he would eventually like to make wheelchairs full time and donate them to deserving people.

“It keeps my dreams alive building these chairs and getting them out to deserving people who need them,” he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, MSN


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