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David Marsters, Author Of Racist Facebook Post Threatening President, Says He Is Not Racist, Did Not Threaten President

A candidate for local office in Sabbatus, Maine, who posted “shoot the n----r” about President Barack Obama on his Facebook page is not backing down, saying that his post was not a threat and that despite his use of the offensive racial slur, he is not prejudiced against African-Americans.

The U.S. Secret Service, however, took the Facebook post seriously. Agents questioned Marsters at his home on Tuesday night.

"I did not threaten the president,” said David Marsters, 68, about what he told the agents. “I might have used the wrong words. I didn't say I was going to do it."

Marsters (pictured) also says he is not a racist because, “there’s a lot of people in the white community I don't like either.’’ He asserted that he would have used the same term if the object of his ire had been Mitt Romney.

“I would say, ‘Shoot the n-----r, because white people are n-----rs, too,” he explained to the Bangor Daily News, saying his use of the term was justified because black people often use the term to refer to white people with the offending epithet in his native state of Massachusetts.

Marsters, a candidate for town selectman, is a former police officer from Massachusetts.

Though he has previously advocated that the town of Sabbatus require all residents to own a gun and he insists that Obama’s birth certificate is fake, what set Marsters off this time was the fear that the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, would cause him and his wife to lose their health insurance.

“I’m pissed off at the system, OK,” he said this week. “We’re about to lose our benefits because of this a-----e.”

In actual reality, under Obamacare, Marsters and his wife would be able to purchase health insurance, possibly with government subsidies to help pay their premiums, in the event that they lost their current insurance for some reason.

Sabbatus Town Manager Andrew Gilmore called Marsters' Facebook comments, “deplorably hateful, dangerous and exactly opposite of all this country and the town of Sabattus stands for.”

SOURCES: Bangor Daily News, Portland Press Herald, Think Progress, Associated Press


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