Couple Addicted To Online Gaming Allegedly Sold Two Sons For Cash


Two parents in China were arrested for allegedly selling their two sons to pay for in-game purchases on their favorite free-to-play online games.

After their first unplanned pregnancy, the young parents, who were not identified, sold their first son to human traffickers in Fujian.

In an interview with Guangdong TV, the mother said her husband "likes buying items in online games, and he likes staying out all night at Internet cafes."

When the young woman became pregnant with their second child, the father sold him as well to pay the mounting gaming debts.

The boys' grandfather reported the parents, who are now awaiting trial.

It is unclear whether either of the children have been recovered by the family.

Child trafficking is a major problem in China. Sometimes children are sold to other parents, but often they end up in the hands of street gangs or to people overseas, Geek reports.

Sources: Kotaku, Geek

Image credit: Justinc


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