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Could a Headset Record Dreams From Brain Waves? (Video)

Many people would love to record their dreams, at least the good ones.

Albino Mosquito, an animation company in Manchester, England, is trying to raise money for a device they hope will lead to the actual recording of dreams.

According to the Daily Mail, animator Richard Ramchurn says the company's new #Scanners device would use a biosensor headset to capture images created by a person's brain activity.

In an effort to raise money for #Scanners, Ramchurn created a Kickstarter page with a video (below) and this description:

#Scanners is a new interactive visual arts installation that bridges the gap between digital arts and neuroscience. We have created an experience that uses wireless brain scanners that allows the user to manipulate a digital art installation. Narratives and layers can be built that are all governed by the users concentration and meditation levels. Edit points can be created by monitoring the users blinking.

The audience can project their feelings onto the film that they are seeing, the film they watch will have a series of overlapping structures that they can interact with and/or disregard. The spectator is no longer passive and must enter into a dialogue with the artwork.

"We tested the device at Manchester University last year and a lot of people who used it compared the experience to lucid dreaming," Ramchurn told the Daily Mail. "The headset is the perfect device for exploring dreams, because it brings your subconscious to the forefront, placing it on a screen for you to experience consciously. There is research which suggests we may be able to fully record a dream within the next 10 to 15 years."

Sources: Daily Mail, Kickstarter


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