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Comcast Customer Placed on Hold for Over Three Hours (Video)

Aaron Spain, a Comcast customer in Chicago, was recently trying to cancel his service, but says he was placed on hold by the company for over three hours.

Spain posted a video (below) on YouTube on Aug. 11, which already has more than one million views.

Spain wrote on his YouTube page: "I was trying to cancel service. I was transferred to the 'retention' department at 7:17pm. I'm uploading this video at 10:19pm."

Spain's video doesn't last over three hours, but he does show his cell phone that has been updating the time on hold. He also calls Comcast on another phone only to be told by a recording that the company has closed for the day, noted CBS St. Louis.

“I don’t want to do anything rash to Comcast, I will simply never use their services again," Spain wrote on the social media site Reddit. "Honestly I don’t know why I stayed with them for the 3+ years I had been with them other than poor research on my part."

"To their credit, apart from the hold fiasco (of which I fully realize I’m not the first or last to have this happened to) the phone support were polite, courteous, and helpful to the extent they are allowed to be. It was the repeated failure of dispatched technicians that did it in for me," added Spain.

Fortunately, Spain was able to cancel his service on Aug. 12 and only wait on hold for 15 minutes.

According to, Comcast issued this statement, “Under no circumstances is this the experience we want our customers to have. Our goal is to be respectful of our customers’ time and fix any issues the first time. We take this very seriously, and after investigating Mr. Spain’s situation, we want to apologize to him and acknowledge that his experience was completely unacceptable.”

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