Christian American Patriots Militia Call For Death of Obama


The Secret Service began an investigation Tuesday after Christian American Patriots Militia leader Everest Wilhelmsen asserted his constitutional right to kill President Barack Obama.

“We now have authority to shoot Obama,” Wilhelmsem posted on the group’s Facebook page. “I would be very surprised, if Obama does not leave Washington DC today ... never to return, if he is not dead within the month.”

Wilhelmsem added that Obama is waging war on the United States and aiding foreign enemies, reducing the country to Despotism and qualifying himself as a dictator.

Wilhelmsem then argued that the 2nd Amendment allows him to kill the president, which allows anyone to confront an enemy of the United States.

In his closed Facebook group and on his Twitter, Wilhelmsem has posted a number of Biblical verses justifying his words. In the past, he has posted a variety of other anti-Obama and anti-Muslim comments. In one Tweet, he compared Obama to Hitler and warned of genocide against Christians and conservatives.

University of Connecticut student Joshua Klimas also threatened to kill the president recently, justifying his threat with the same amendment.

“There will not be any more warnings,” Klimas wrote, “only bullets flying in your direction from drones I built for the sole purpose of removing you from the office you stole from this country.”

Sources: Raw Story, Social News Daily


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