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Chinese Companies Selling $40 Knockoffs Of Apple Watch

The much-anticipated Apple Watch was unveiled to the media on March 9 in San Francisco.

According to CNET, the Apple Watch will be able to connect with iPhones, run apps, track the fitness progress of the user, send and receive texts, make phone calls, serve as a remote control for Apple TVs, work as a mini iPod, make payments (with your money), serve as a digital key for smartlocks, control other smart devices in your home and, of course, tell you the time.

Apple's smartwatch line ranges in price from $349 (customized aluminum alloy) to $10,000 (18-karat gold) with several choices inbetween.

The Apple Watch doesn’t go on sale for more than a month, but manufacturers in China are already selling their fake knockoff versions for $40 to $80.

According to CNN, the fake Apple Watches are sold at the Huaqiangbei electronics market in Shenzhen, China, and on Chinese e-commerce sites like Alibaba and Taobao.

When the sites remove the fakes, the companies quickly put them back up.

The fake watches use an Android operating system, include Apple-ish icons, and use names such as Ai Watch and D-Watch.

Sources: CNN, CNET
Image Credit: Fake Apple Watch Product Image


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