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Chicago Residents Are Most Active Online Cheaters (Study)

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Chicago is the American city with the most active online users in a committed relationship who are looking to cheat, according to Victoria Milan, a site dedicated to helping facilitate the practice.

According to the website, Chicagoans spend 25 percent more time on the website than the national average. They spend more hours online, chat more, and send more pictures, messages and virtual gifts than residents from any other city.

“I can’t help but notice that Chicago is the coldest large city here,” Victoria Milan CEO Sigurd Vedal said. “And when things get cold, cheating gets hot.”

According to Facebook data accumulated between 2010 and 2011, Vedal’s estimate is not completely off-base. During the winter, people are more likely to begin new relationships.

Following just behind Chicago in most active Victoria Milan users is Los Angeles (21 percent more time spent online than the national average), New York City (18 percent), Houston (11 percent) and Dallas (9 percent).

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