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Cheating Web Site Launches 'Win A Divorce' Contest

The cheating web site is offering $2,825, towards legal fees, in its 'Win A Divorce' contest. The web site plugs the sweepstakes with this pitch: “I would like to call it a day, taste a new a life and enjoy a new pathway.”

To win a free divorce, contestants only have to provide their email address.

The bizarre sweepstakes competition was launched following a report from the UK's Office of National Statistics, showing divorce rates have increased in the UK 4.9 percent in 12 months.

Paul Graham, the managing director of, defended the contest to the Daily Mail: "People have an increasing desire to make the most of their lives, and if that means moving on to a new relationship then so be it."

"To make things more difficult, many people feel compelled to cheat because they can't afford the legal fees associated with filing for divorce."

"We’re giving someone who isn’t happy in their marriage a 'get-out clause' from the costly process of ending it."


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