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Canon to Release 3D Virtual Reality Headset, Allows Users to View Object from All Angles

Canon has created a virtual reality headset which allows users to digitally view, in 3D, anything they want to.

It is called Mixed Reality, and works by projecting a 3D image from a computer screen. The person wearing the device then is able to walk around the 3D projection as if it were real, enabling them to view it from all angles.

An example is walking around a projection of an ant, or walking around a landmark from Google Maps, like the pyramids.

While augmented reality has been used before, Mixed Reality is the first to allow users to view images from any angle. It uses visual markers put in the real-world environment to give the wearer and object orientation.

With the use of a small digital camera that tracks the wearer's eyes, the device is able to calculate what angle the user is looking at and orient the image to match.

As the user moves around, the images on the display move as well.

All of this is done almost simultaneously, so there is no lag time and the virtual world lines up with the real world.

The company plans on selling the device by the end of the month. 

Canon said it will first sell the product to manufacturers and interior designers, as well as doctors. A consumer version is possible but the company has not confirmed whether it will happen and they have not identified a price.

Sources: Daily Mail,Engadget


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