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Campaign #FBRape Reports Companies are Removing Ads from Facebook

Many companies are already starting to pull their ads from Facebook after a social media campaign called on the social networking site to remove content that endorses violence against women.

The social media giant is not complying with the campaign's requests to remove the content and crack down on offensive groups or pages. 

The group, #FBRape, explains that the site has insulting pictures and slogans, as well as entire pages and groups devoted to promoting violence against women.

Some examples include "Violently Raping Your Friend Just For Laughs," "Fly Kicking Sluts in the Uterus," and other groups with images of sleeping young women with their pants pulled down and text explaining they were "roofied."

Though the site has removed some of the pages, they have not removed all, as they are citing their "free speech" and humor policies to defend them. 

Dove, American Express, Sure and Sky were asked by #FBRape to remove their ads until Facebook starts removing the offensive material and strengthens their moderation of page creation.

"Specifically we call on you, Facebook, to take three actions," the group wrote in an open letter. "Recognize speech that trivializes or glorifies violence against girls and women as hate speech and make a commitment that you will not tolerate this content."

The group has reported that Nationwide UK, Nissan, WestHost, House of Burlesque and many other companies have taken down their ads until Facebook pulls the offensive content. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Women Action Media


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