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Cameras Going Extinct? More Photos Taken on Smartphones

Camera lovers beware -- your favorite device may soon be extinct. An increasing percentage of photos and videos are being taken on smartphones.

Mashable reports that according to a study by the NPD Group, 27% of photos snapped in 2011 were captured on phones. That's up 10% over last year.

At the same time, sales of point-and-shoot cameras fell 17%. Sales of pocket video cameras dropped 13%.

But all hope for great photos is not lost -- sales of more expensive cameras with detachable lenses rose 12%, while sales of point-and-shoot cameras with optical zooms of greater than 10X were up 16%.

Liz Cutting, executive director and senior imaging analyst at NPD, said smartphones are the gadgets of choice for so called “spontaneous moments,” but for important events, the more expensive cameras are still being used.


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